Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Location

While I love Vegetarian Selectronics, it's a little stale over here.

Minced Meat stays fresh at

The blog's diet is still healthy. ;-) Thanks for all the fun, blogspot!!! x -Em

Monday, September 27, 2010

This Set's Gold

This set of Minced Meat was particularly golden, thanks to Achille for coming to the studio and snapping pics & selecting some tracks! Nicccee.
artist ∆∆∆ song
Osborne ∆∆∆ Afrika (Bullion Remix)
dial81 ∆∆∆ As The Mood Swings Pt 2
dial81 ∆∆∆ space nugz (96)
dial81 ∆∆∆ three sides to every story
dial81 ∆∆∆ life insurance
The Roots ∆∆∆ Upper Egypt
Jay Electronica ∆∆∆ My World (Nas Salute)
Black Milk ∆∆∆ 365
Danny Brown ∆∆∆ Nowhere To Go
Matthew Dear ∆∆∆ You Put A Smell On Me
Salem ∆∆∆ Asia (oOoOO Remix)
Microluv∆∆∆ May Showers
Perilelle ∆∆∆ Something Dangerous
Nick Speed ∆∆∆ Me vs. U
Blackreign & Ohkang ∆∆∆ Slum Monie
Sinistarr ∆∆∆ Lifeforce (extended)
Awesome In Outer Space ∆∆∆ Mirror The Sun & The Night
Drummer B ∆∆∆ Space Bounce
K'Jon Present ∆∆∆ Nick Speed Get It In - K'Jon & Seven The General
Marv Won ∆∆∆ Alex Foley ft. Danny Brown, Chips Deniro
dak ∆∆∆ rollinghills
Onra ∆∆∆ Tape This
Stereotype ∆∆∆ Faces In The Crowd ft. Knowledge
Marc Byrd ∆∆∆ Good Spirits remix ft. Ayanna Clarke, Illingsworth, Stryfe, Das Illah
Reptile Zoo ∆∆∆ Fort
Foreign Beggars ∆∆∆ Gravity ft. Dabrye & Dj 2Tall
Man In Charge ∆∆∆ Got 'Em p L05
Lone ∆∆∆ Girl
Midwest ∆∆∆ Product Alternator
Bullion ∆∆∆ I Wasn't Made For these Times

Download link: ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Minced Meat Video Catch Up

Here are a few vids that crossed my path that I'd like to bring to your attention because, well, they deserve it (your attention). It's a bit of catch up. But here, all in one place, are some sweet effin' effects.

1. Progress Report - Wake Up

Props to director John, and D & Eddie, and the whole sleepin' crew (who are probably actually some of the most conscious people in the city). You guys made this video look sweet. Sounds great, too! Download the Spill Out Series Vol. 4 Progress Report EP on iTunes via sUPERIOR Belly. You won't be disappointed!

2. Danny Brown - The Nana Song (p. Mosel)

3. Danny Brown - Shootin' Moves (p. Frank Dukes)

Both vidz are from The Hybrid. I'm really impressed at the amount of acclaim and ampage this album has received. Brown and I had an awkward conversation about it when it first came out: he's really nonchalant about what I consider to be important music. (Hence awkward.) Have a listen.

4. Black Milk - Deadly Medley (from Album of The Year)

Oooh. Elzhi's verse gives me chills every time. *Shiver*

5. Inverted Wastelands - I like hip-hop as much as I like weird tekky art. Here's one from Carrie Gates (Saskatchewan) with music by Kero.

Read these details, carefully:
"Inverted Wasteland is a 10 minute live video performance piece by Saskatoon VJ Carrie Gates, with sound by KERO™. This work was made in response to an invitation to perform at an artist salon in Edmonton called "Future Worlds", organized by the MileZero Dance Company.

track 1. KERO - Gramz - Cryovac records
track 2. KERO - Groovytour - Kerohand records
track 3. KERO - Ti Shlumpa - Ghostly International

Carrie plays up to 10 layers of video at once, using modul8 to manipulate the footage in reatime. All of the footage is custom shot and/or generated by Carrie. This video is a mixdown created after the live event (which is documented on Carrie Gates' YouTube channel).


6. Ghostly International: Matthew Dear recently released Black City: an album that transcends physical and auditory forms. Here's a trippy video abstraction that furthers this exploration.

MDBC Abstraction from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

7. More Ghostly via Christopher Willits: Flowers Into Stardust is the last track on the album Tiger Flower Circle Sun and the video is here, as created by Willits himself.

Christopher Willits - "Flowers Into Stardust" / Taken from Tiger Flower Circle Sun from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

That's all for now. Check back soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Minced Meat Playlist & Download 9/20/2010/

artist ∫∫∫ song
Shigeto ∫∫∫ I Love You
Selfsays ∫∫∫ Contra
Celsius Electronics ∫∫∫ Like This
Black Milk ∫∫∫ Black & Brown ft. Danny Brown
Paul Randolph ∫∫∫ Golden Day Remix ft. Dial81
Intricate Dialect ∫∫∫ POTTTMYFIL
Will Sessions ∫∫∫ Redirections
Awesome In Outer Space ∫∫∫ A Fighting Chance
Diego Bernal ∫∫∫ Summer's Over (Interlude)
Perilelle ∫∫∫ Mild Armour
Blake Eerie & Hugh Whitaker ∫∫∫ Factz
Cut Chemist ∫∫∫ What's The Altitude ft. MC Hymnal
Madis One ∫∫∫ We Built It So Tall And Now We Cant Come Down
Dedicated this hour to B.
Telefon Tel Aviv ∫∫∫ Lotus Above Water
Apparat ∫∫∫ Komponent - Telefon Tel Aviv Remix
A.M. Architect ∫∫∫ Unspoken
Talking Heads ∫∫∫ This Must Be The Place
Matthew Dear ∫∫∫ Soil To Seed
Onra ∫∫∫ Sitting Back
Nobody ∫∫∫ What Fall Brings
Lusine ∫∫∫ Baffle
Prefuse 73 ∫∫∫ Hot Winter's Day
Machinedrum ∫∫∫ 00000001
Kode 9 ∫∫∫ 9 Samurai
Dabrye ∫∫∫ This Is Where I Came In
Moderat ∫∫∫ 3 Minutes Of
Aether ∫∫∫ Makeshift Sanctuary

Here's the download link: clickity clack don't slack

Monday, September 13, 2010

Minced Meat September 13

Onra ∑∑∑ Don't Stop

Black Milk ∑∑∑ Keep Going

Jay Electronica ∑∑∑ Victory In My Clutches

Ayro ∑∑∑ Unlike Any Other feat. Phat Kat & Jah Connery

Nick Speed ∑∑∑ Me vs. U

K'Jon & Nick Speed ∑∑∑ On The Ocean Hip Hop Remix

Aether ∑∑∑ Milla Ann

Will Sessions ∑∑∑ Omniverse

Awesome in Outer Space ∑∑∑ Mirror The Sun & The Night

Mux Mool ∑∑∑ Wax Rose Saturday Remux Edit

Jimmy Edgar ∑∑∑ Hot Raw Sex ft. Theophilus London

John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis ∑∑∑ Nightlife (Original)

A.M. Architect ∑∑∑ Road To The Sun Part II

Perilelle ∑∑∑ Fog Like This

Lord Scrummage ∑∑∑ Knife Hits

Wasted Youth ∑∑∑ Prelude To Romance

Intricate Dialect ∑∑∑ Akhenaten ft. Shigeto

Illingsworth ∑∑∑ Living Room

Crown Nation ∑∑∑ Phony Ass Rappers

Kevin Reynolds ∑∑∑ Synchronicity

Magestik Legend ∑∑∑ Carbon

Subliminal Thoughts ∑∑∑ Home (Detroit)

KeroHand ∑∑∑ Kerohand 2B - (Flourish 'Injected Mirror' Remix)

Kadence ∑∑∑ Deep Cold

14KT ∑∑∑ Ypsilanti

BlackReign & Ohkang ∑∑∑ Gangsta Gangsta ft. Smoke

Zo! ∑∑∑ Flight of the Blackbyrd

Hugh Whitaker & Blake Eerie ∑∑∑ Woodward Ave

Leo123∑∑∑ Weeks

Download the 2-hour MP3

See you at We Like Music Festival on Saturday! Hit me up: if you want $15 tickets. $20 at the door!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Minced Meat with Kayyce Closed, Trilla & AJ

Big ups to Kayyce Closed, who will be celebrating his album release at The Blind Dog on September 10.

Artist ••• Song
School of Seven Bells ••• Half Asleep (Lusine Remix)
Apollo Brown ••• Streets Wont Let Me Chill
Blackreign & Ohkang ••• 2 Sections ft. Blake Eerie and Sk
Kayyce Closed ••• So Gone ft. Chris Chase
Phresh Heir ••• Cool Out
Kayyce Closed ••• Writtin Poetry
Kayyce Closed ••• Speed It Up
Kayyce Closed ••• Doin Our Thang
Kayyce Closed ••• Kougar Music
Kayyce Closed ••• On Tilt
Microluv ••• Put Your Smile ON
Onra ••• Moving
Jay Electronica ••• So What You Sayin'
dial81 ••• Physical Decay
The Doms x L05••• Get It In remix
Wasted Youth ••• Get Over ft. Eluud
John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis ••• Magic (Ezel ft. Paul Randolph)
Mark Szymanski••• Use To Know You ft. Perilelle
Will Sessions ••• Seven Miles
A.M. Architect ••• Next Of Kin
The Roots••• Antiquity Ft. Miguel-Atwood-Ferguson Dillchestra
Crown Nation ••• Bobby Womack
The Hundred In The Hands ••• Dressed In Dresden (Kyle MF Hall Remix)
The Roots ••• World Full of Sadness
Shigeto ••• Life Eternal (A Setting Sun Remix)

Sorry for the dealy: here is the downloadable MP3!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Minced Meat Music for August 30

As usual, I loved playing music for you tonight. Thanks for listening! Continue to show love for CJAM and enjoy the benefits of non-commercial FM radio.

Download the program, click-click...

Dak ™ Hunch
AM Architect ™ Bull of Heaven
Cream of Beats ™ Short & Sweet
Jimmy Edgar ™ Hot Raw Sex (Machinedrum remix)
Detroit CYDI ™ Detroit CYDI
Progress Report ™ I'm Yours
The Roots ™ Stereolab
Onra ™ The One ft. T3
Kadence ™ I Want More
Lord Scrummage ™ Admiral Bird
Slufter ™ Preston Lake Test Bounce
Blackreign & Ohkang ™ Cruise Wit It
Snowman ™ Jack Reverberate ft. SelfSays
Smash Television ™ Toxic Shock Syndrome
Abrasive Method ™ High ft. Skrapz
Danny Brown ™ Juno
Kilowatts ™ Emerald
Invincible + Waajeed ™ Detroit Summer
Nameless ™ Technical Difficulties
Young Viz ™ Beef
Shamarr W. ™ Hallways of My Dreams
Nick Speed ™ Me vs. U
Celcius Electronics ™ Hey
Stoopz & Breeze ™ Number 13

Mux Mool ™ Eagle Fantasies
Sinistarr ™ Dill
Akufen ™ Mary Jane Kelley

Monday, August 23, 2010

Minced Meat Featuring Of Mice & Musicians Live

Big thanks to Ben and Mike from Royal Oak's hip-hop band Of Mice & Musicians. They tore it up with live lyrics and guitar, looped and riffed. Download the program to hear their brand new material! Check out their full length release here.

Peep us on the uStream vid:

D-Sisive ∫∫∫ Liberace (With Ron Sexsmith)
Rusko ∫∫∫Gully Flute
J Dilla ∫∫∫ Safety Dance
Gameboi ∫∫∫ At Its Finest ft. GP, L05, Obie Iyoha
Of Mice & Musicians ∫∫∫ Sorry My Mom Called
Of Mice & Musicians ∫∫∫ Falling Down
Of Mice & Musicians ∫∫∫Any Day Above Ground
Invincible ∫∫∫ Emergence
Aether ∫∫∫ Clouds
Jimmy Edgar ∫∫∫ Hot Raw Sex (Ex-Tension)
Om Unit ∫∫∫ The Corridor Remix by Shigeto
14KT ∫∫∫ Trust Issues
Slum Village ∫∫∫ Harmony
Tracks & Fields ∫∫∫ Heads Up
Big Tone ∫∫∫ Business
Awesome Pete & The Two Tones ∫∫∫ Jools, nam nam
iDial ∫∫∫ Logos
Phylum Sinter ∫∫∫ Entering That Most Sacred of Places
Nametag ∫∫∫ Not At All
Danny Brown ∫∫∫ Squeeze Precisely
Blackreign & Ohkang ∫∫∫ Slum Monie
Fake Gold Chain ∫∫∫ Detroit is Bleeding
Intex Systems ∫∫∫ Titan (Scuba remix)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bring Da Ruckus! August 26 - Phog Lounge

Expect beats...

Marcus Flow


Doc Illingsworth

and rhymes...

Kayyce Closed

Jay Braaks

Want to get involved? Grab the mic? Rock the drums/keys? Hit me up to grab a timeslot if you want to perform a couple songs, or if you want to sell your merch: AJ will have some stuff for sale, and we expect you can grab a few of these artists' music as well.

Contact me at if you'd like to participate. Spread the word! Real hip-hop lives in Windsor!

The back-story:

I just met A.J. Jimenez, who runs Big Fish Small Pond, a great independent apparel company right here in Windsor.

We were chillin at Phog Lounge where we decided to put together a one-off hip-hop jam for Thursday, August 26 (thanks Tom!) to show love to the Rose City's boom bap fans.

So there you have it.


With a killer lineup and an open format to showcase live beat production, freestyle rhyming and live support from B-boy Loebz from Ill At Will, we're hoping this turns into a regular thing. You in?

For the good of hip-hop, this event is free. Some of the best emcees and producers will be there settin it off, so show up! I'm callin YOU out!!